Savior World

Savior World offers Organic, Sustainable Goods for your home, pet & self care. Our Goods are Fair Trade, Handmade & Local.  

Savior World's Organic Skin Care Line doesn't use Palm Oil, Preservatives or Synthetic Chemicals.  We use only the highest quality ingredients from trusted vendors with sustainable practices.  We make our own Small Batch, Organic Skin Care Goods with Essential Oils for their scent & therapeutic properties, Organic Oils & Butters that are good for your skin & Oils that extend the shelf life naturally without use of synthetic preservatives. 

Savior World believes less packaging is better for you and our Earth. We offer to recycle your old packaging for you and give you $1.00 off your next purchase if you bring your packaging back to us to reuse, recycle and/or compost.